At Evolve Films we are dedicated to the creation of astounding moving images of the Natural World.

Mark Lamble ACS

Mark Lamble is an award winning director of photography with a passion for nature and the natural world. A truly creative and innovative cinematographer, Mark is has over 30 years of experience.  A career cameraman, he has worked in drama, music video, sports and documentary production.

Mark is an Accredited Member of the Australian Cinematographers Society holding certificate No. 230.

Mark is licensed drone operator holding a CASA RePL.

A specialist in wildlife and nature, Mark is able to draw on his broad professional experience to enhance the visual style of any production.

Stuart Lamble

Stuart Lamble grew up with camera gear and wildlife in equal proportions. With over 10 years experience working in the documentary field and the inherit technical knowledge of his generation, Stu is a computer and technical guru.

Stuart has broad experienced shooting, assisting and sound recording globally with a strong eye for visual stories, tenacity and the ability to fit into any team.

Based in the Darwin NT, Stuart lives and breathes the monsoon tropics. With his local knowledge and extensive experience, he is an invaluable asset to any production in the region.