Evolve Films has an extensive range of specialist equipment for filming in the natural world. In a rapidly changing world we can offer the latest Camera and Lens combinations at competitive rates.

Every project has unique requirements for the best gear combination and we tailor the equipment to the job not the job to the equipment.

Our equipment list includes a large range of cameras. Lenses from ultra wide angle to extreme telephoto.

Grip: Range of tripods from 150mm bowl heavy duty to lightweight, Camera slider, 3 axis motion control (pan tilt and track) for time-lapse and real time, Camera Gimbal stabilisers, portable camera dolly and cable dolly.

Lighting: An extensive range of lighting options including LED panels, incandescent and Infra Red lighting. Fibre optic lights

Other: Extensive Macro kit, microscope, supports etc. Underwater housing. 3D rig 3Ality Technica. Drones. Audio recorders and Microphones.